The Oracle ACE Program

The Oracle ACE Program recognizes and rewards individuals for their contributions to the Oracle community. These technical experts and community leaders share their knowledge and experiences through making presentations; writing blog posts, articles, and books; sharing their knowledge on social media; writing code; answering questions in community forums like Stack Overflow; volunteering in an Oracle User Group; organizing conferences and meetups; and more.

Oracle ACEs love sharing their knowledge and helping the Oracle community. Most members have technical expertise in areas such as applications and app development, business intelligence, cloud, database management, GraalVM, Java, Linux, middleware and MySQL. These community thought leaders are speakers at top industry events such as Oracle CloudWorld, JavaOne, and Oracle User Group conferences. Besides presenting at meetups and conferences, writing blogs, articles, and books, and sharing tech tips on social media, Oracle ACEs also answer questions in forums and provide Oracle product management with valuable feedback.

Oracle ACE Program divides ACE's in 3 levels: Oracle ACE Director, Oracle ACE Pro and Oracle ACE Associate.

If you want to find Oracle ACE best way is to use Oracle ACE Directory.


HrOUG is really honored by the fact that Oracle ACE lecturers like to come to the HrOUG conference and share their vast knowledge with the participants of our conference. This year, the following lecturers from the Oracle ACE Program will give lectures at the HrOUG conference:

Name Surname Company Area of ekspertize Lecture title Group on HrOUG


Patrick Barel Qualogy Database Get your money?s worth out of your Database Development & Middleware
A Collection's a Collection, no matter how small Development & Middleware
Nelson Calero Pythian Cloud Oracle Database automation guide Database & Infrastructure
Terraform tips and tricks Database & Infrastructure
Karen Cannell TH Technology Database Plan Your Visit with APEX  APEX
Great Griefers: How to do Things with APEX Grids that Should be Easy but Aren?t. APEX
Gianni Ceresa DATAlysis LLC Analytics & BI Analytics Semantic Modeler - A new age of metadata modeling Business Intelligence & Analitycs
Forget cloud front-ends, let's Terraform everything DevOps & Cloud
Dimitri Gielis United Codes Cloud Generating, Viewing, and Editing documents in APEX APEX
Building a search engine for your APEX app APEX
Gustavo Gonzalez KNEX Technology Fusion app The five critical drivers for your best long-term strategy extending Cloud Apps DevOps & Cloud
Analytics in a Highway for Fusion Applications with Fusion Analytics Warehouse  Business Intelligence & Analitycs
Kim Berg Hansen Cegal Denmark A/S Database Find Your Match ? MATCH_RECOGNIZE to the rescue! Development & Middleware
Shape-Changing SQL Development & Middleware
Roel Hartman APEX Consulting Database APEX CI/CD from the trenches APEX
Oracle Database 23c for the APEX Developer APEX
Richard Martens SMART4Solutions APEX Are you a report-conductor? APEX
About the menu (a la carte or from the menu?) APEX
Alex Nuijten allAPEX Database Cookie Cutter APEX Applications APEX
Modern Oracle Database Programming - Quiz Edition Development & Middleware
Sai Penumuru Accenture Cloud The future is Multicloud - Harnessing the power of Oracle Multicloud DevOps & Cloud
Internet of Clouds : A walk through OCI DevOps & Cloud
Michel Schildmeijer N/A Cloud And the (O) Saga continues.. Development & Middleware
Dani Schnider Callista Database Make Your Oracle Data Warehouse Fast: Comparing Performance Features Database & Infrastructure
Function Calls in SQL - Black Box for the Optimizer? Database & Infrastructure
Kamil Stawiarski ORA-600 Database Am I evil? Yes I am! - a.k.a. the cloud hacking session.  Database & Infrastructure
Kai  Yu Dell Technology  Database Accelerate Business Analytics with Oracle Database In-Memory and Persistent Memory Business Intelligence & Analitycs
In-database Machine Learning and Data Science with Oracle Autonomous Database Artificial inteligence


Mirela Ardelean Equip GmbH Database The Power of Two (in APEX) APEX
Let the game begin: secure programming in APEX APEX
Samuel Campos CGI Cloud Developing a 100% SEO-friendly site in Oracle Cloud DevOps & Cloud
Pieter de Visser PDVBV Database How to dig deep, and to not get lost. Database & Infrastructure
Christian Gohmann Trivadis -Part of Accenture Database (Single) Table Recovery Database & Infrastructure
Hey DBMS_COMPARISON! - Are my Tables in sync? Database & Infrastructure
Monika Lewandowska freelancer Database Oracle The Most Mysterious Cases Development & Middleware
The Blair Witch (DB) Project Development & Middleware
Niall Mc Phillips Long Acre Cloud Exploring the new Search Indexes in 23c Development & Middleware
Getting to grips with JSON in the database Development & Middleware
Jackie McIlroy United Codes APEX Mastering sending template-based emails in APEX APEX
Lino Schildenfeld Skillbuilders APEX APEX hidden gems - Template Directives APEX
JavaScript in APEX for PL/SQL developers APEX
Žiga Vaupot Qubix Slovenia Analytics & BI My view on Oracle?s position in Gartner Magic Quadrants for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms Business Intelligence & Analitycs
OCI Vision and Oracle Analytics: Just like a Box of Chocolates Artificial inteligence


Alan Arentsen Arentsen Database Consultancy Database Building scary web apps APEX
Maik Becker TRIOLOGY GmbH APEX How to transfer bad PL/SQL into good Development & Middleware
Giliam Breems Qualogy APEX Debug Like a Pro APEX
Samuel Campos CGI Cloud New Channels to Improve Communication between Citizens and Public Services Development & Middleware
Patrick Hurley Accenture Cloud Ansible: The Least You Need to Know Database & Infrastructure
Marcin Przepiorowski Oracleprof Community Finding a performance problems using SQL  Database & Infrastructure
Data Guard in the PDB World Database & Infrastructure
Dejan Topalović ORACON GmbH Database Optimization of DWH load in 10 steps Best Practicies & Success Stories

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The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users. More about the association can be found at

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