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četvrtak, 19. listopad 2023., 17:00


Dvorana B



Progressive Web Applications - or PWA’s - are becoming increasingly popular. With the latest releases of APEX, more and more PWA options have been added to enhance the app-like experience. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of these great features?In this session, I will explain key concepts - such as Feature Detection and Service Worker - and show you how to create an application using Universal Theme components. We’ll also leverage Web Services and add interactivity by integrating Push Notifications.During this session, I will build a small real-world application using Universal Theme components. I’ll go more into detail about PWA features, such as Feature Detection, Persistent Authentication and Service Worker, which will be customised to support Push Notifications. Processing JSON data will also play an important role as the application will be getting and sending data through Web Services.The goal of this session is to make developers more familiar with the concepts of PWA’s and its features. By providing a demo with real code examples and combining different techniques, attendees will hopefully get some inspiration for building great APEX applications.

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Razina težine: Srednje detaljno
Grupa aktivnosti: APEX

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Konferenciju organizira Hrvatska udruga Oracle korisnika. Više o udruzi možete saznati na Hroug.hr.


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