Oracle Key Vault - overview


Baza podataka i infrasturktura

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petak, 20. listopad 2023., 09:00


Dvorana D



Data security nowadays is most important topic in IT industry.We want to keep our data safe, minimize risks and reduce operational overhead associate with it.Clouds revolution introduced another dimension in this topic, not only with using KMS approach,but also requires additional work for Hybrid Clouds.Presentation is going to overview Oracle products - Oracle Key Vault - which provides central the management ofkeys and secrets withing enterprise.Architectures, Operational notes, Use Cases and limitations are going to be described.Particular emphasis placed on lesson learned about using Oracle Key Vault with database deployed in Exa@CC Gen2.Comparison between Oracle Key Vault vs other KMS-based products across on-premises and cloud native systems are going to be presented.

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Razina težine: Općenito
Poželjna funkcija slušatelja: DBA , Dizajner
Grupa aktivnosti: Baza podataka i infrasturktura

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