Make Your Oracle Data Warehouse Fast: Comparing Performance Features


Baza podataka i infrasturktura

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srijeda, 18. listopad 2023., 11:00


Dvorana B



For many developers, creating indexes is the preferred method to improve the performance of SQL queries. But in data warehouses, this is not the only solution – and often not the best one. Typical queries in a data warehouse are different to those in OLTP systems. This has an impact on the strategy for performance tuning.This presentation gives an overview of the common performance features for Oracle data warehouses: Partitioning, bitmap indexes, materialized views and the In-Memory option. Each of these features has different benefits for good performance. Combined properly, they can help to reduce load times and improve query performance in data warehouses.With examples and live demos, you will see how you can setup a fast and modern data warehouse with Oracle technology.

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Razina težine: Općenito
Poželjna funkcija slušatelja: Programeri , DBA , Data scientist
Grupa aktivnosti: Baza podataka i infrasturktura

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