Hard to say goodbye to Oracle Forms?



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petak, 20. listopad 2023., 11:00


Dvorana C



The software development tool Oracle Forms has been well-established for many years as a fast and efficient solution for designing and building business applications. However, over time, more modern user interfaces with different user experiences and the ability to adapt to various screen sizes have emerged in the market and Oracle Forms is not able to follow these modern user experience approaches. On the other hand, we have existing users who find it difficult to give up the advantages of this technology. These users are accustomed to its robustness and ease of use. Thus, we find ourselves at a turning point where, due to new user experience standards, Forms has become an outdated technology that needs to be replaced. Since it involves a technological change, automatic migration is almost impossible as it requires thoroughly revising the "legacy" code and adapting it to a different technology. A comprehensive migration of user interfaces is a time-consuming process that demands considerable effort to achieve the goal. This brings us to the idea of gradual migration, a hybrid approach that would provide a similar user experience to the end user with a gradual transition to new technologies. We will tell you a story on how we approached modernization of large enterprise Oracle Forms application with more than 4000 forms to Apex with seamless transitions from Forms to Apex pages and vice versa all inside one application.

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Razina težine: Općenito
Poželjna funkcija slušatelja: Svi
Grupa aktivnosti: APEX

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Konferenciju organizira Hrvatska udruga Oracle korisnika. Više o udruzi možete saznati na Hroug.hr.


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