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petak, 20. listopad 2023., 09:00


Dvorana B



A new start-up wants to build a web store for network devices. The data on these devices is to be managed in a database. A first data model is quickly built and the first devices are entered. We must soon learn that network devices can be very different and that the data needed to describe them does not really fit into a fixed structure.What approaches are there to deal with so many different attributes? Or in other words: how can I build a flexible data structure?In the presentation, three approaches are shown and compared with each other. In the classical, relational approach, types and subtypes can be used. We will see that network devices are too intractable for this approach. Another approach is the document database. Here the data is stored in the form of JSON documents. These are considered "schemaless", so they allow arbitrary attributes, which is exactly what we need. Oracle allows individual attributes to contain JSON. So we have the possibility to predefine a part of the structure and make a part flexible. Another approach is the EAV model. EAV stands for "Entity-Attribute-Value" model. This will be explained using network devices as an example.At the end of the lecture, a vote is held to determine which approach is the best. Quite Swiss, like the speaker.

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