Building a search engine for your APEX app



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četvrtak, 19. listopad 2023., 15:00


Dvorana B



In APEX 22.2 a new component arrived in Shared Components called Search Configurations.They can be referenced from Search regions to add declarative searches in your application. This new search becomes very powerful with Oracle Text which is pre-defined.We will not only show different examples of how to integrate this new search possibility, but we will also look at what is driving this technology behind the scenes.We will look into debugging messages to fully understand the impact of the search. Furthermore, we will look closer at the power of Oracle Text and how to get even more out of search in your APEX application by linking it up with the APEX meta-data.

Detalji o predavanju

Razina težine: Srednje detaljno
Poželjna funkcija slušatelja: Programeri
Grupa aktivnosti: APEX

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